What to Do When in Cleveland



On the shores of Lake Erie lies Ohio’s major city, Cleveland. This city has a lot to offer. The options are endless from sports to art.


Adults and young adults can marvel at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This place is home to a great collection of items depicting the evolution of rock n’ roll music like iconic instruments. There is also Hard Rock casino just about 20 miles from downtown Cleveland. This place is open day in and day out. In here, you can enjoy awesome music, splendid food and hours of gambling. There is also another casino in the city and that is JACK Cleveland Casino.


Moving on, there are also attractions in Cleveland that the whole family can enjoy. Examples of these places are the “A Christmas Story” House and Cleveland Aquarium. You can also visit Cedar Point Amusement Park and experience the best thrill of your life in “The Dragster.” There is a water park with water slides in one part of this amusement park for those who love the water. The go karts and mini golf are there for the nervous types. Nonetheless you can have some quiet time appreciating the Lake Erie view while you are in this park. Know about cleveland ohio news here!


If you are into green stuff you will surely enjoy an afternoon at Cleveland Botanical Garden. This place is acres and acres of beautifully cultivated greenery. Alternately, if you and your family want to spend the afternoon with the animals, then come to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo where about 3,000 animals live. This zoo has the largest collection of primates in North America. Moreover, for those who appreciate the outdoors, Cleveland has a lot of metroparks where they can jog, bike and hike all they want. In these parks, anyone can marvel at rock formations or feel refreshed at the sight of waterfalls.


For those who are into arts, they will surely enjoy Cleveland Museum of Art, while those who want to know more about Cleveland’s history can go to Cleveland Museum Natural History. Moreover, Great Lakes Science Center is a must-see for everyone and you need not be the geeky type to enjoy it there. Meanwhile, for those who are into sports, there is the Pro Football hall of Fame if you are in perfect timing you might just catch a nice game at Quicken Loans Arena. And should you feel hungry during or after your trip there are amazing restaurants everywhere. There simply are endless things to do in Cleveland and all of these things reflect the wonderful and colorful Cleveland lifestyle. Learn more at this website, check it out!


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